Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dolores Introduces A New Chicken Chili

For over 35 years, Dolores Chili, often referred to as L.A.’s Favorite Chili (www.lasfavoritechili.com), has been stealing the show across Southern California. Since 1973, Dolores Canning has produced the frozen all-beef chili known as the Dolores Chili Brick.

Now, for the first time since its inception, there is a new brick to brag about. David Munoz, Dolores Canning Co. President and cousin Bert Munoz, Dolores’ Sales Manager will introduce a new Chicken Chili Brick this month.

The original, Beef Chili Brick’s new shelf mate is a 100 percent Chicken product, fully cooked and seasoned with the same Dolores spices that made the original brick famous.

“Our new Chicken Chili Brick is a great alternative for those who prefer chicken and it maintains a healthy balance. Our new chili has low sodium, low cholesterol and absolutely no MSG,” said David.

The original Chili Brick made of all-beef chili, completely spiced and ready for use is often to blame for a delicious scent filling the air near restaurants, fast food chains, hot dog and hamburger stands and chili cook-offs in So Cal and beyond.

The 20-ounce and five-pound packages of Dolores Chili Brick are currently sold in major grocery store chains such as Albertson’s, Food 4 Less, Vons, Ralphs and Smart & Final. The all-beef chili is also featured on Philippe the Original’s (downtown L.A.) menu.

The company plans to market the new Chicken Chili to their existing accounts in the same size packages. For the past three months the Chicken Chili has been in limited distribution at select foodservice accounts and at Bristol Farms locations.

The company also services a growing web clientele, “Each week we receive inquires from across the country requesting Dolores Chili,” said Bert." "Many people who grew up here in Southern California and now live in different parts of the country need to know how they can get their favorite chili from back home. This week alone we shipped orders of our famous Chili to Anchorage, Boston, and Chicago."

Eventually, they hope the Chicken Chili Brick will yield the same success the original Chili Brick has. For more information on Dolores Chili Brick, please visit our website at www.DoloresChili.com