Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Ham Paired With Dolores Chili

In the United States, ham is a traditional Easter food. Some people purchase their ham already made, while others bake it themselves with their own glaze or seasonings.

Ham became a tradition in the early days when meat was slaughtered in the fall. There was no refrigeration, and the fresh pork that wasn't consumed during the winter months before Lent was cured for spring. The curing process took a long time and the first hams were ready at Easter, resulting in ham becoming a popular Easter dish.

Years and years later, ham is still the center of many Easter brunches, lunches and dinners. Like Turkey on Thanksgiving, as the years go by, it needs some serious sides to keep things interesting.

So here’s a way to keep the ham flame lit; dress it up with chili. Sounds like a great idea, but who wants to cook chili in addition to the time spent preparing and baking the ham?

Dolores Canning Co., a Southern California company, who makes, packs and distributes its famous Dolores Chili Brick, provides a simple solution.

Dolores Chili Bricks are sold in two sizes: 20-ounce and five-pound trays. Each brick is ready to thaw and serve in a bowl with shredded cheddar or onion, or right on top of a few slices of ham. Feed every four people at your Easter gathering for about $5.

Major chain stores across Southern California such as Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Stater Brothers, and Albertsons sell individual Chili Bricks in the frozen meat section behind freezer doors or in the deli section. Each store varies. The Chili Bricks are also sold directly on-line at

For more information about the Dolores Chili Brick visit the company website, or read the recent LA Times article at,0,2885996.story.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There’s only one Real “Chili Brick” and it’s made here in L.A.

It doesn’t come in a can or in a package; it comes frozen, in the shape of a brick.

It’s a Dolores Chili Brick.

Any fan of good chili knows that the term “Brick Chili” goes back to the days of the “old west” when trail cooks would pound dried beef, pepper, salt, and the chili peppers together into stackable rectangles which could easily be rehydrated with boiling water.  This amounted to “brick chili” or “chili bricks” that could be boiled on pots along the trail.  Well, since 1973, Dolores Canning Co. has been making its famous chili fresh at its East Los Angeles plant, packing it hot into a tray the size of a brick and then freezing it for distribution.

Other companies have tried to imitate and create their own chili bricks, but without success as Dolores Canning Co. owns the rights to the term “Chili Brick.” They may not be the only company who distributes chili away from the traditional can, but they’re the only company who can call it like it is; a “Chili Brick.” 

The Chili Brick is miles from canned chili because of its shape and taste. It’s been raved about on-line at and, and most recently in The LA Times. Dolores chili is commonly served in restaurants in a bowl topped with onions or shredded cheddar, and is often paired with a dog, burger, fries or tamale.

Dolores Chili Brick is sold in two sizes (20 ounces and five-pound trays).  It’s sold in major chain stores throughout Southern California such as Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Smart & Final & Stater Brothers, as well as countless independents.  Each 20 oz. brick makes four servings or bowls of chili and can top about 10 dogs or six burgers.  When was the last time you fed a family of four for about $5?

For those outside Southern California, Dolores sells Chili Brick six packs direct on-line at . The company is currently seeking distributors outside California. Please contact  for more information.

For more information about the Dolores Chili Brick visit the company website,  or read the recent LA Times article at,0,2885996.story 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dolores Chili Brick hits the shelves at Food City

Phoenix, Arizona—There’s a new chili in town. Dolores Chili Brick is now on shelves at 50 Food City stores in Arizona.

Often referred to as LA’s Favorite Chili (, this chili doesn’t come in a can, but in the shape of a brick. It’s a frozen, all-beef chili ready to thaw and serve.

Food City began carrying Dolores Chili after a recent article in The Los Angeles Times,,0,2885996.story, highlighted the Chili Brick and the family recipe and business behind it.

The supermarket chain has stores across Arizona, including Phoenix, Lake Havasu City and Tucson, and now stocks a piece of LA’s heart on shelves in the frozen items section.

Dolores Canning Inc. has been making the famous Dolores Chili Brick since 1954 at its East Los Angeles plant. Major grocery store chains in Southern California, including Albertson’s, Stater Brothers, Ralphs and Food 4 Less carry Dolores Chili Brick. Restaurants such as Philippes’s French Dip Restaurant, and various hot dog and hamburger stands serve the chili. Dolores Chili can also be purchased direct on-line at

Friday, March 5, 2010

Everyone Loves Chili...Even the Stars

It’s Oscar season again and everyone has stars in their eyes. Some are hoping Morgan Freeman takes home the award for the Best Actor role in Invictus, while others are hoping to see George Clooney on stage grasping the gold for Up in the Air.

Oscar night is a big deal for many. Pools, parties, girls nights and dates are being planned. It’s a big entertainment night for Americans. What to wear? How to decorate? And the most important question, what to cook?

Eat like a star this year. Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most proclaimed movie stars of all time and a multiple Oscar nominee, including winner for her leading role in Butterfield 8, loved chili.

Taylor loved chili from Chasen's, a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California that was a hangout for many actors. Chasen’s was the site of the Academy Awards party for many years, and in 1962 Liz Taylor had several orders of Chasen’s chili flown to the set of Cleopatra while filming in Rome.

Chasen’s is no longer around, but Dolores Chili is. Often referred to as L.A.’s Favorite Chili, this chili doesn’t come in a can, but in a brick form. It’s an all-beef frozen chili packed hot and then frozen in the shape of a brick resulting in a Dolores Chili Brick.                                                                                           

Serve it in a bowl with shredded cheddar or diced onions, or on a burger, dog or with spaghetti noodles.                                                                                            

An article by Jenn Garbee,, references Dolores Chili as a sure item to spice up any Oscar plans.   

Pick up Dolores Chili at Albertson’s, Food for Less, Cardenas, Costco, Ralphs, Stater Brothers or order on-line at