Monday, March 14, 2011

Restaurant Depot Offers New Chili Option, Dolores

The simplest, traditional ingredients, which made the Dolores Chili Brick® famous and many restaurant’s chili and menu items stand out, has been in Restaurant Depot and Jetro stores for years.

Restaurant owners, cooks and chefs have been using Dolores (all beef) Chili Brick® to bring their own chili and menu items to life since the 80’s.

It was a no brainer when Dolores Chili’s President, David Muñoz, and Sales Manager, Bert Muñoz, introduced the Chicken Chili Brick® in late 2010. “The same consistency, but a great alternative for those who prefer chicken,” said David. “The chicken chili can be used for different, creative menu items.”

The Chicken Chili Brick® is made from 100 percent chicken and all of Dolores’ famous family spices. Like the beef brick, it is pre-cooked, frozen and ready to heat and serve.

Restaurant owners use it to top off their burgers and dogs, bring the flavor to their Chili Cheese Fries and for creative ‘chili and rice’ or ‘chili over pasta’ items.

Select stores across Southern California stock the Chicken Chili Brick® next to the beef brick in the 5-pound brick or 20-pound tray options.
Since the chicken bricks just hit shelves last week, Restaurant Depot is offering 10 percent off list price at participating stores.

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