Thursday, September 15, 2011

L.A.’s Favorite Chili Available at a New Chain of Stores

L.A.'s Favorite Chili strikes again.

Grocery store shelves throughout the Western United States are not complete until “the brick” joins forces with other meat department items.

Dolores Chili was a natural to become the second most purchased item in the fresh meat case at Food4Less and Ralphs’ stores in 2010, and thus far in 2011.

This week, the all beef, original Chili Brick® will hit the shelves at all of WinCo Foods' California store locations.

"We are very excited about our partnership with the great people at Winco Foods and we look forward to having our Dolores Chili available to WinCo customers," said David Muñoz, Dolores Canning President.

WinCo’s meat department shelves will house the 20-ounce retail-sized Chili Brick®, which will be priced at $4.79 per unit.

Each brick of Dolores Chili makes 4-5 servings and comes ready to heat and serve. Dolores Chili is the perfect topping for Chili Burgers, Hot Dogs or Chili Fries. Dolores Chili lovers recognize a diverse, great tasting product, but also appreciate the low cost per serving and the ability to feed a family during these tougher economic times.

Its model is a perfect fit for WinCo, which is known as "The Supermarket Low Price Leader.”

Dolores Chili fits right in at WinCo Foods by providing the consumer with a great quality product at value pricing. The Los Angeles-based Dolores Canning, founded in 1954, is best known for its famous Beef Chili Brick®, and recently introduced a Chicken version with the same great taste.

Originally a distributor of beef and pork Mexican products, the family-owned Dolores Canning has expanded its delectable chili to major retail grocery chains throughout the West, and its foodservice pack is sold at all Smart & Final stores, Jetro and countless cash & carry stores. Many restaurants including Philippe the Original in Downtown L.A. have served Dolores Chili for over 40 years.

WinCo Foods serves customers throughout the Western United States through three distribution warehouses. WinCo Foods joins other grocers such as Albertson's, Food4Less, Ralphs, Stater Bros. & Vons as another retailer where chili lovers can enjoy Chili Brick®.

For those consumers who cannot find Dolores Chili at a restaurant or grocery chain near them, they can visit

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