Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There’s only one Real “Chili Brick” and it’s made here in L.A.

It doesn’t come in a can or in a package; it comes frozen, in the shape of a brick.

It’s a Dolores Chili Brick.

Any fan of good chili knows that the term “Brick Chili” goes back to the days of the “old west” when trail cooks would pound dried beef, pepper, salt, and the chili peppers together into stackable rectangles which could easily be rehydrated with boiling water.  This amounted to “brick chili” or “chili bricks” that could be boiled on pots along the trail.  Well, since 1973, Dolores Canning Co. has been making its famous chili fresh at its East Los Angeles plant, packing it hot into a tray the size of a brick and then freezing it for distribution.

Other companies have tried to imitate and create their own chili bricks, but without success as Dolores Canning Co. owns the rights to the term “Chili Brick.” They may not be the only company who distributes chili away from the traditional can, but they’re the only company who can call it like it is; a “Chili Brick.” 

The Chili Brick is miles from canned chili because of its shape and taste. It’s been raved about on-line at and, and most recently in The LA Times. Dolores chili is commonly served in restaurants in a bowl topped with onions or shredded cheddar, and is often paired with a dog, burger, fries or tamale.

Dolores Chili Brick is sold in two sizes (20 ounces and five-pound trays).  It’s sold in major chain stores throughout Southern California such as Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Smart & Final & Stater Brothers, as well as countless independents.  Each 20 oz. brick makes four servings or bowls of chili and can top about 10 dogs or six burgers.  When was the last time you fed a family of four for about $5?

For those outside Southern California, Dolores sells Chili Brick six packs direct on-line at . The company is currently seeking distributors outside California. Please contact  for more information.

For more information about the Dolores Chili Brick visit the company website,  or read the recent LA Times article at,0,2885996.story 

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