Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dolores Chili Brick hits the shelves at Food City

Phoenix, Arizona—There’s a new chili in town. Dolores Chili Brick is now on shelves at 50 Food City stores in Arizona.

Often referred to as LA’s Favorite Chili (, this chili doesn’t come in a can, but in the shape of a brick. It’s a frozen, all-beef chili ready to thaw and serve.

Food City began carrying Dolores Chili after a recent article in The Los Angeles Times,,0,2885996.story, highlighted the Chili Brick and the family recipe and business behind it.

The supermarket chain has stores across Arizona, including Phoenix, Lake Havasu City and Tucson, and now stocks a piece of LA’s heart on shelves in the frozen items section.

Dolores Canning Inc. has been making the famous Dolores Chili Brick since 1954 at its East Los Angeles plant. Major grocery store chains in Southern California, including Albertson’s, Stater Brothers, Ralphs and Food 4 Less carry Dolores Chili Brick. Restaurants such as Philippes’s French Dip Restaurant, and various hot dog and hamburger stands serve the chili. Dolores Chili can also be purchased direct on-line at

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