Friday, July 16, 2010

Dolores Chili turns Bricks into Bucks: A 40-pound FREE case of chili can yield over $600 in profits

Summertime is the season of preparation for fall; athletes are working their hardest and school and community programs are practicing and preparing.

What do all have in common? The need to fundraise to help their programs succeed.

With this in mind, Dolores Canning Co. Inc., located in East Los Angeles, CA, has launched its “Bricks into Bucks” program to help youth sports’ teams, community organizations and clubs raise cash for their organizations.

The company will donate a case of Dolores Chili (eight, five-pound trays or 40-pounds) to any organization interested in selling chili cheese fries, chili Fritos, chili cheese nachos, or chili dogs or burgers in their snack bars.

With each new participant, Dolores Canning will demonstrate how to turn a 40-pound case of chili into over $600 in profits.

“It’s simple,” said Dolores Canning’s operations manager, David Muñoz. “They spend a little over $100 on supplies and chili, and we show them how to make $600 plus each time.” Although each organization's first try at selling Dolores Chili may yield more--the first case is free.

Little leagues, soccer organizations, high school booster’s programs, and school organizations can get the first 40-pound case of Dolores Chili free from Dolores. They can purchase each additional Dolores Chili at Smart & Final where the famous chili is sold in five-pound trays (or "Bricks"). The five-pound bricks, most popular for those running a snack bar, are $9.99 each.

Chili Fritos are the most popular snack bar item, which some know as “Pepper Bellies.” Add water (per directions) to one Dolores Chili Brick (five-pound tray) and the Chili Brick yields about 50, two-ounce servings. Add the cost of a box of 50, one-ounce Fritos (about $12) and that gives you a cost of about 44 cents per unit. Each Chili Frito bag can easily be sold for up to $2.00, so that’s a profit of about $78 on every Dolores Chili Brick five-pound tray.

In addition to free chili, each new participant will receive signs to promote chili sales at any snack bar, a suggested recipe, serving size and price sheet, as well as Chili Brick promo giveaways.

Last year’s participants put an ad for Dolores Chili in their program and made game/event day announcements thanking the company for its donations and help building profits.

Interested organizations can e-mail to request their free case of Dolores Chili.

For more info please view the “Bricks into Bucks” info at

Dolores Chili Brick is also sold in retail size bricks at major grocery chains such as Albertson's, Food4Less/Ralphs, Stater Brothers, Vons, and in countless independent stores. The famous chili is also a hot item at Philippe The Original, in Downtown L.A and is sold in various fast food restaurants and hot dog and hamburger stands across Southern California.

The all-beef Chili Bricks are also sold on-line at

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