Monday, September 13, 2010

Dolores Chili Brick added to all SoCal Vons Stores

Dolores Chili Brick can now be found in the frozen meat department at all 325 Vons stores across Southern California, from Central California to the Mexican Border.
Although Dolores Chili has been sold at a limited number of Vons stores for the past 25 years, shoppers have had difficulty finding the famous Chili Brick in all Vons locations.  After years of customer requests, the decision was made to carry the Chili Bricks throughout the entire chain.  
“We’ve enjoyed working with select Vons stores for years, but now it’s in all of them across Southern California,” said Dolores Chili’s president, David Munoz. “Consumers throughout the southland have called and asked why they couldn’t find the Chili Bricks in their local Vons store. Now we can direct them to any Vons store location. We're excited and we look forward to working closer with Vons.”
Dolores Canning Co., the manufacturer of Dolores Chili Brick, expects to begin sampling programs within the next week at several Vons stores. Dolores employees will present recipes and sample prepared Chili Brick, demonstrating ways to use the versatile product. 
Dolores Chili Brick, an all-beef chili, is fully cooked and is sold frozen in the meat department. The great taste and ease of use is an alternative to traditional “canned” chili. The famous chili has been made in East Los Angeles since 1973 and is distributed throughout the West Coast. Each tray sells for $4.29 and will serve four to six people.

Chili Bricks are also sold to restaurant owners and operators at Smart & Final and Restaurant Depot behind freezer doors, and on Costco Wholesale’s on-line Business Delivery page.  Distributors across Southern California and nationwide also carry the Chili Bricks on their product lists and sell to restaurants, fast food chains and hamburger and hot dog stands.
Distributors who wish to add Dolores Chili Bricks to their product list should contact Munoz at
Dolores Chili is famous at Philippe the Original in Downtown L.A where it is served in a cup with crackers on the side. 
Chilidogs, chili burgers, chili fries and the famous straight bowl of chili are the most common ways Dolores Chili is served. also sells the chili directly to consumers at

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