Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chili Brick no. 3 in LA area Meat Department Sales

According to Ralphs and Food 4 Less grocery stores, Dolores Chili Brick is the number three item sold in their meat department.

Just behind front-runners Oscar Meyer and Farmer John, the all beef, 20-ounce Chili Brick topped the sales reports at the end of the third quarter for the LA area.

“We’re starting to make a hype in grocery stores. When people don’t see our product, they’re asking for it, and when it’s there, they’re buying it,” said David Muñoz, Dolores Canning Co. president.

The Chili Brick’s continued popularity at Ralphs and Food 4 Less has placed it alongside top selling national brand items providing excellent value for consumers.

The frozen, fully cooked Chili Bricks are sold for $4.29, and one brick can serve four to six people.

The proven seller can be served in a bowl, topped on a dog, nachos or burger, paired with any main dish, or in various recipes calling for chili.

It is raved about on blogs, recipes, and Facebook and Twitter posts. Some fans, friends and followers say the chili is the base of their homemade recipes. Countless fans from around the country get their “Chili fix” weekly by ordering Dolores Chili online.

Dolores Canning Co., the manufacturer of the Chili Brick, sells its product in grocery chains beyond Ralphs and Food 4 Less. Two weeks ago, the company announced the expansion of its Chili Brick to all 325 Southern California Vons stores.

The brick is also sold in most Southern California grocery chains such as Albertson’s & Stater Brothers, as well as countless independents. Club stores & Foodservice stores like Smart & Final and Restaurant Depot carry the larger size, 5-pound tray. Restaurants such as Philippe the Original, in Downtown LA, feature the famous chili on their menu.

Distributors carry the chili and distribute to restaurant chains and independent establishments.

Dolores Canning Co. is a family owned, third generation and minority owned business. The company has been making the famous Dolores Chili Brick since 1954 at its East Los Angeles plant. Dolores Chili can be purchased direct on-line at

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