Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dolores Sponsors CA State Chili Championship

Dolores Chili will be the exclusive chili sponsor at the 37th Annual California State Chili Championship Saturday where chili cook’s talent will be tested and a Dolores chili-eating contest will take place.

The Friends of San Bernardino City Parks host the event, which will take place this year at the National Orange Show Fair Grounds in San Bernardino, and depend on sponsors like Dolores to make this non-profit event a success. All proceeds from each $3 donation for chili tasting go to the Friends of San Bernardino Parks Inc. They use the money to donate to mentoring programs and for the less fortunate.

At the Dolores’Chili booth, enthusiasts will be able to sample the chili and learn about various chili recipes.

“It’s a popular chili and a lot of people love it, so it’s great to have [Dolores] out here,” said Chairman of the California State Chili Championship, Mike Austin.
Chili cooks will show off their own recipes, while chili enthusiasts will taste and judge. The winner of the competition will move onto the World Chili Championship and win a cash prize.

A Dolores chili-eating contest will take place on stage at 4 p.m. Ten chili lovers will vie to eat the most Dolores Chili mixed with beans within a five-minute period.

Dolores Chili is sold in major grocery chains such as Food 4 Less, Ralphs, Dmart & Final, and countless independent stores. The famous chili is also a hot item at Philippe The Original, in Downtown L.A., and is sold in various fast food restaurants and hot dog and hamburger stands across Southern California.

In February, the minority-owned, third generation business was featured in the Los Angeles Times,,0,2885996.stor.

The all-beef Dolores Chili Bricks are sold on-line at

For inquires regarding distribution of Dolores Chili Brick outside of the Southern California area, please contact

The chili championship is at the National Orange Show Fair Grounds, 689 South E Street, San Bernardino on Saturday (May 1) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is free.

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