Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dolores Sponsors St. Luke’s Fiesta Chili Booth

Last week Dolores Canning Co. announced its new Chicken Chili Brick to its loyal fans and customers.

This week, the 100 percent chicken chili, which is low in sodium and cholesterol, will be for sale at St. Luke’s Fiesta to raise funds for the Temple City church and school.

The 23rd annual carnival, referred to as a Fiesta, will be held Friday-Sunday, April 23-25 at St. Luke’s Catholic Church. A car show, carnival rides and games, live entertainment and great food will highlight the three-day event.

Dolores’ Chicken Chili will be served on such items as Chili Dogs, Chili Cheese Fries or a straight bowl of chili. Dolores has donated enough Chicken Chili Bricks to St. Luke’s to last all three days. St. Luke’s will keep all profits made from the sale of the chicken chili.

These types of donations are not uncommon for Dolores Canning Co. For decades the company has supported local community events and fundraisers. Earlier this month, the company donated enough of its all-beef chili to West Covina American Little League to support chili sales at the snack bar for most of the season. The league keeps the profits to pay for field maintenance and umpires.

Dolores Canning Co. has been famous for its all-beef chili since the Chili Brick's 1973 debut. Since then, the Dolores Chili has been sold in major grocery chains such as Food 4 Less and Ralphs, and in countless independent stores. The famous chili is also a hot item at Philippe The Original, in Downtown L.A., and is sold in various fast food restaurants and hot dog and hamburger stands across Southern California.

More recently, the all-beef Chili Bricks have hit shelves at independent stores in Arizona, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii.

In February, the minority-owned, third generation business was featured in the Los Angeles Times,,0,2885996.stor.

The all-beef Chili Bricks are sold on-line at Soon, the chicken chili will be added to the on-line store.

For inquires regarding distribution of Dolores Chili Brick outside of the Southern California area, please contact

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